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The proof of the pudding is in the eating... 
In the past years we have worked hard to design the best H.E.M.A glove imaginable. We received some reviews and are happy to share with you!

The ProGuantlet felt like magic, honestly. Light and nimble

by Mathew Jay Kortuem

The Mobility is great! it feels like I am not wearing gloves at all. 
The production is good. More time is needed to prove durability but spare parts are available.

ProGaunlet Review Oskar te Mors

ProGauntlet review Messer Fencing Channel - by Oskar ter Mors

The ProGauntlet is incredible mobile and easy to wear.
The are kind of impressive. The ProGauntlet contains a ridiculous amount of engineering with rapped around protection.
It feels is like wearing a glove and moves around very well

Review by CNC

by Hands on CNC


This is how you want a five finger glove to feel
The wrist is amazing
That is about as protective as it gets

ProGauntlet Review by Jason Barrons

By Jason Barrons

ProGauntlet community

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