Release planning of additional sizes

When will new sizes be released?

We plan to develop new sizes in Q1 2020 (starting with a small and larger size) and open sales in Q2.

Will modular or custom sizes be available?

As it stands now, modular sizes are still a possibility, but some additional development is necessary. While the hard shell is fully modular with interchangeable parts, the separate inner glove is currently not. This is why for the time being, we’re still counting on releasing a wide array of standard sizes.

I checked my size on the chart and it doesn’t seem to fit. Should I still fill in my measurements on 

Absolutely! By uploading your measurements, you can directly influence which of the future sizes we will prioritize. The more entries we have for a certain size, the sooner it will be released. 
Leaving your email allows us to keep you up to date on our developments and give you a premium position when the new size goes to the market. 
Upload your hand-measures here.

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