ProGauntlet - Materials and Origin

What is the ProGauntlet made of?

The ProGaunlet is made from a variety of high performance industrial grade synthetic materials.All Hardshell components are from durable polyurethane, complemented with tough cut and thrust resistant synthetic fabric elements as blade catchers.The specialised Inner Glove is a fine tuned combination of light, breathable materials on the fingers & the back of the hand and tough, cut and thrust resistant materials on the parts of the hand that are especially vulnerable to cutting and puncture. The palm and the webbing between the thumb and index finger is covered with 800N thrust resistant Dyneema, the toughest available fiber on the market that is required for FIE approved fencing equipment. As padding material, the ProGauntlet features durable synthetic rubber, which, unlike foams, will retain their protective properties over a long period of time.

Do I need to buy a separate Inner glove?

No, The ProGauntlet comes with a standard inner glove, that is optimised to perform together and fully integrate with the Hardshell. The inner glove can be removed for washing and can be replaced if necessary.

Are there customisation options in colour, shape or function?

While the ProGauntlet Mark 1 will first come in black, certain other colour options will be possible in the future.Thanks to a completely modular system, parts with style or functional variations are also a possibility for the future. Parts that receive updates will become available separately through the ProGauntlet webstore.

Where is the ProGauntlet made?

All ProGauntlet Hardshell components are made at CrossGuard’s own facility in the Netherlands. The Inner Glove is made by our manufacturing partners, specialists in the manufacturing of safety gloves.
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